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How To Find Wholesale Wooden Toys Supplier


If you're withinside the marketplace for wholesale wood toys and accessories, then appearance no farther than Harrisons. We provide an extensive selection of Wholesale Wooden Toys, from simple, practical toys to fun, innovative toys for kids. For all your wholesale wood toys needs, appearance is not in addition to Harrisons. The wholesale wood toys enterprise is developing rapidly due to more clients searching for green alternatives to traditional, plastic-based toys!

Wooden toys have been around for years, but only in the last few decades have they become popular with children and adults. This is partly due to the incredible quality of the wood and partly due to the lack of chemicals in it. These toys are safe for children and ideal for those not inclined toward the "real" toy industry (i.e., those made from toxic materials). Below are some ideas of what to look out for in our toy wholesaler. :

– You should always ensure that the wholesale wooden toys you buy are made of hardwood. This ensures quality construction, longevity, and durability. Many toys that pass for "wood" are plastic, such as dollhouses, wooden building blocks, and toy soldiers. When buying wooden toys wholesale, check the quality of the wood and remember to ask about the quality guarantee in the factory certificates as well.


– Most wholesale wood toys are imported, and the best place to seek out this stuff is on the Internet. Several excellent online retailers focus on wholesale marketing toys. You'll find a large variety of products in just a matter of minutes by using the Internet, and you will even find a good deal on multiple items. Make sure that any toys you buy are in good shape and applicable to the age group. It's tough to identify a kid's toy that's too little or too

huge for their age!


– confirm that the wholesale picket toys you're interested in aren't outdated. If you're staring at a toy over five years old, it will not be thought of as "descent," which means that the toy business Association has reclassified it as a "toy of the past." Vintage toys may not be sold-out in customary retail packaging as a result, they're considered antiques, or their production amount is over (or is incredibly limited). Continually check the package and appearance for apparent signs of damage and tear, such as scratches, tears, loose screws or hinges, water, broken fabrics, then on.

– If you intend to buy a lot of wholesale toys for your kid (Ren), it'd be an honest plan to seek out a manufacturer to provide you with good quality dropshipping services. This may prevent both time and money. Several wholesale toy makers and toy stores offer drop shipping services, however, only



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Our educational, sensory and educational toys offer cognitive stimulation promotes the development and the well-being


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Robiii is a Canadian toy distributor who sells toys in bulk to retailers, schools, etc. Robiii also produces, and developed a large variety of educational toys, sensory toys and learning materials

Our vision is a world where all children have educational toys that benefits their development

Developed the world of tomorrow,

by helping the youth of today


My name is Antoine, I founded Robiii when I was 17, because the products on the market did not meet my needs.


I have several learning difficulties; ADHD, dyslexia, dysorthographia and dysgraphia

I want to help as many students as possible become the best version of themselves.


Free and Fast Shipping

  • Orders are shipped within 72 hours.

  • All orders are shipped from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Free shipping on your wholesale order

  • Express and Fast shipping

  • Low minimin order

  • Low shipping cost

  • Fast shipping

  • High-quality products

  • Support the Canadian toy industry

  • Excellent customer service


Toy Distributors in Canada need to offer products that will sell quickly. That's why the job of a toy store distributor is to find new products on the market that are unique and trendy. All that by making sure the products they are offering are going to be successful and profitable products for their retailers.


Because toy retailers in Canada and all over the world need to sell their products extremely rapidly. Items that take too much time to sell or even items that take too much space well are often discontinued.


Finding the right toy distributor is vital to maintaining the success of your organization.

About Us

We’re specialists in wholesale toy distribution. We're a toy supplier with fast shipping, amazing price, and amazing customer satisfaction all over Canada. 
The best wholesale toy distributor.

We're proud to be a toy distributor in Ontario and all over Canada where you buy high-quality products for cheap in bulk, we are a perfect supplier for toy stores.

At Robiii we want to develop the world of tomorrow, by helping the youth today.

How to become a toy distributor?
  1. Have a business, it can be a brick-and-mortar store or an online one.

  2. Fill out the form at the top of the page

  3. Send us by email your first wholesale order

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