What is ADHD?

What is ADHD ?
what is ADHD ?

What ADHD stands for ?

ADHD stands for attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity.

ADHD definition

It is a disorder where the individual sometimes has difficultly controlling thoughts. ADHD many areas of life mostly affect their ability to focus on certain tasks, they are also more likely to be hyperactive, impulsive, and have difficulty organizing themselves.

What are the symptoms of adhd

Symptoms of ADHD
Symptoms of ADHD

A huge variety of behaviours are related to ADHD. Some of the more usual consist of:

  • A short attention spends

  • Forget things and stuff

  • Distracted easily

  • Being impulsive

If you or your infant has ADHD, you can have a few or all of those signs. The signs you've got depend upon the different forms of ADHD you've got to explore a list of symptoms of ADHD and signs common in youngsters.

Types of ADHD