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Professional Stress Management Techniques

stress management
stress management techniques

What anxiety feels like

“The stresses and worries, when you think about them for a bit to long they start to hurt and you often get stress headache. However, if you still think about them all day long you’ll start to feel paralyzed and even incapable of doing the smallest actions, like lifting your little finger. ”

stress management definition

stress management definition

Stress management Techniques are different manner that we have or could use to better manage the stress that we have to face day after day.

The best anxiety and stress management techniques


anxiety and stress

With time, meditation is of one of the greatest ways to increase your peacefulness.

For me, meditation is literally like a legal drug-free, mind-altering, brain enhancer solution to improve my peace of mind.​Increase self-awareness Gain a new perspective on lifeFind a new solution to daily  life problemsReduce negative emotionsAmplified your imagination and creativityImprove your patience and tolerance

Fidget Toys

fidget toy for anxiety
fidget toy for anxiety

My favorite way to reduce anxiety is with the help of some fidget tool.I think it is important and the greatest way to deal with stress. Some products like fidget spinners are TOYS. However other great products like a stress ball and the Rolliii are TOOLS

Just like technology, we can use it as a distraction (like we do when we’re scrolling down on Facebook) or has a tool like how we use our computer at our job.

It’s what you do with it that really matters.Also without the proper guidance, on with tool you should get to help yourself or even your children, it could be difficult

The Fidget tool that I encourage people to get is the Rolliii:

  • It’s quiet (in fact noiseless)

  • Adult can use it

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Improve awareness and focused

  • It’s made out of metal

  • Fun to use

  • In metal

Personally I always carry a pencil, and I always have a Rolliii on it, it allows me to manage my stress on the go when I can’t meditate, (like in the car in the traffic) I spin my Rollii and it’s for me the way to works the best to help me.

anxiety help

If you want to learn more about this tool or get one you can go check them at :

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