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How to Play Shaking Sunflower? Instructions Shaking Sunflower BoardGame - Robiii

How to play shaking sunflower board game?

How to Play "Sunflower Shake-Up" - A Guide to the Newest Family Game

Are you looking for a fun and engaging game that the whole family can enjoy? Look no further! Introducing "Sunflower Shake-Up," a game that combines skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the game set-up and the different ways you can play.


Contents of the Shaking Sunflower BoardGame:

  • 1 Base

  • 1 Sunflower

  • 4 Clips (or pliers)

  • 24 Colored Balls


Setting Up the Shaking Sunflower :

  1. Assembling the Sunflower: Begin by carefully installing the small flower. Ensure you correctly install all five segments of the sunflower’s body. Start by removing the central axis and attaching the segments in order. Cover everything with the gadget lid to keep it secure. Your sunflower is ready!

  2. Base Setup: Fit the sunflower into its base.

  3. Handling the Clips: To use the clips efficiently, put your index finger in the middle, with your thumb on one side and your middle finger on the other. This gives you a firm grip to pick up the balls.

  4. Arranging the Balls: Place the colored balls into the four sections of the base, separated by their colors.

How to Play Shaking Sunflower? :

  1. Starting the Game: Simply press the sunflower button, and watch it shake and wiggle! If you wish to pause or stop the game, press the button again.

  2. The Main Objective: Players race to place their colored balls from the bottom row of their small flower to the top. If you want an easier version, you can use your hands to place the balls.

  3. Stay Alert: If the sunflower shakes your ball off, you must pick it up and start again.

  4. Rotation Feature: The sunflower will also rotate 360 degrees randomly, adding a surprise element to the game.


How to Win when playing Shaking Sunflower? :

The first player to successfully secure all their colored balls in their respective flowers is the winner!

Shaking Sunflower Game Variants:

  1. Battle Mode: Players simultaneously place their marbles, and they can also use the pliers to remove marbles from their opponents. The first one to place all their marbles wins!

  2. Co-op Mode: Set a timer (e.g., two minutes), and all players work together to place the marbles on the sunflower. Hurry up; you're racing against time!

Dice Variants:

  1. Roll & Place: Players roll a dice on their turn to determine the number of attempts they get to place their marbles. Race to place all your marbles to win!

  2. Dice Actions: Based on the dice roll, players must:

    • #1: Use fingers

    • #2: Use pliers with the non-dominant hand

    • #3: Remove an opponent's marble

    • #4: Turn off the sunflower movement

    • #5: Normal turn

    • #6: Pass their turn.

Don't forget that the game can be adapted for younger players to make it more suitable for their skill level.


"Sunflower Shake-Up" is a delightful addition to family game night. Its unique mechanism, coupled with various playing modes, ensures that every game is different from the last. So gather around, set up your sunflower, and may the best player win!

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