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Old Toys Worth Millions

Here is a list of the most valuable old toys worth millions, you might have those old valuable toys that could have made you a small fortune. This list also includes valuable old games, dolls, beanies babies, and much more toys.

Most Valuable PEZ Dispenser

PEZ dispensers are a collector’s dream since their release, with many folks having a whole collection. Some PEZ dispensers are thus rare that they will sell for thousands. the recognition of PEZ dispensers ne'er extremely went away — a 1982 PEZ dispenser, referred to as the traveler B, sold for $32,000 on eBay

Most Valuable Board Game

The Original Monopoly Board Game, The original 1933 hand-drawn version by Charles Darrow sold for $146,500 in 2011. If you have vintage 1930s or limited edition versions of Monopoly, you might be looking for some serious money.

Most Valuable Electronic Game

Game Boy, with all the amazing graphics and stellar consoles these days, who needs a Game Boy? For this reason alone, you should pick up your old Game Boy and examine its value. Mint condition Game Boys sell for hundreds, and if you have a special edition Game Boy like the Game Boy Light, it can cost upwards of $1,500.

Most Expensive Hot Wheels Cars Of All Time

Hot Wheels Since 1968, four billion Hot Wheels cars are created, and solely a couple of them are valuable. Some Hot Wheels cars were only made as prototypes, just like the 1969 “Volkswagen Beach Bomb” prototype. It wasn’t wide produced, creating it one in every of a kind. It sells for $125,000.

Most Expensive Plush Toys

First-Edition Pound Puppies Plush, when Pound Puppies 1st created their look throughout the 1980s, youngsters went crazy for them. Today, a first-edition Pound Puppy will cause you a reasonable penny, going for $5,000. Most select considerably less, however, if you kept yours in its box, it might be price something.

Most Valuable Doll

Cabbage Patch Dolls Cabbage Patch Dolls had been big for a protracted time, and relying on which doll you have, you could earn a few severe coins for it.

Sega Genesis Console

As of now, the maximum high-priced Cabbage Patch Dolls belong to Pat and Joe Prosey. The Proseys have over 5,000 dolls in their custom-constructed Maryland museum and are promoting their complete series for $360,000.

If you ever come across your old Sega Genesis, don't throw it away. Instead, check if it's still working, and if it's working, check the internet right away. You can get up to $2,000 for it.

Most Expensive Action Figure Toy

He-Man and Skeletor are the most popular action figures in the world of Masters of the Universe. A boxed 1982 Skeletor action figure, in mint condition, could cost at least $1,500 today.

Most Expensive Old Toy

Lite Brite these were particularly popular in the 1960s and 1970s with different versions of the game. Today, an original Lite Brite can cost over $300, which is not bad for a game you paid $20 for.

Most Expensive Happy Meal Toys from McDonald's

Happy Meal toys have been around since 1979 and have grown in popularity ever since. The value varies depending on the Happy Meal toy you own. Certain items have become collectibles, like Beanie Baby Happy Meal toys and 2002 Disney characters that recently sold for $300 on eBay.

Most Valuable Furby

Furby A cross between a hamster and an owl, these Furby toys became incredibly popular in the '90s. Expect to pay around $900 for an original Furby in an unopened box.


After the release of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, the talkboy became very popular. It was a fancy version of a tape recorder and if you still have one of these today you can make over $200.

Most Expensive Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies were a large deal for an extended time, from the first 90s into the late 2000s. The craze has long died down, however, there are still collectors willing to pay thousands of bucks for rare or limited-edition Beanie Babies.

the value varies looking at that beanie Baby you have. Some are worth tons and a few are well into the thousands. A 1997 first-edition Princess Diana beanie Baby will go for up to $600,000.

Valuable Actions Figures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took over in the late '80s with action figures, comics, a TV series, and a movie. Turtle action figures in mint condition can cost at least $600 each, and rare pieces can go for as much as $5,000.

Vinyl-Caped Jawa

This version will net you at least $15,000. When this cape version of Jawa was released in 1978, his cape was made of vinyl. However, Kenner Products felt the cape was too cheap and switched from vinyl to fabric. The vinyl cap Jawa is incredibly rare and very valuable.

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