What is the meaning of fidgeting ?

What is fidgeting
What is fidgeting ?

What Does It Means To fidget ?

The Meaning Of Fidgeting

  1. fidget

  2. (fɪdʒɪt )

  3. Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense fidgets , present participle fidgeting , past tense, past participle fidgeted 1. VERB If you fidget, you keep moving your feets and hands or always moving on your chair, most of the time because you are : trying to stay focused, nervous , stressed , excited or bored.

Fidget around and fidget with mean the same as fidget.

Exemple During an exam at school we we were fidgeting, because we were allowed by our teacher to fidgets with some fidget tool to help us to stay focused. however, it needed to be a discreet fidget toys. If you fidget with something, you are making small or unconscious mouvements to stimulate you brain and stay aware

What Are The Best ways To Fidget ?

Fidget Toys