POP TOYS, Infinite Bubble Wrap


Have you ever enjoyed taking bubble wrap out of a parcel box? Then you will love this infinite bubble wrap.


Like bubble wrap, squeeze it and it will burst producing a satisfying "POP"


Pop bubbles, satisfying 'POP' they are captivating to our senses.

Press the bubbles they will make a light 'POP' like bubble wrap. then flip them over and start again! It can be reused and cleaned over and over again.

Also, a portable board game, It can be played in a car, airplane, restaurant, campsite, school, office really anywhere.

This pop-fidget toy is a great sensory tool that you need over and over again.

Ideal for relieving stress and anxiety, special needs, autism, disorders and more.

    Pop Toys

      • Increasing Peace Of Mind, Helps Focusing, Anti-stress, Discreet, Fun, Quiet

      • Specially designed for people who have restless hands and need to keep their fingers busy!

      • Great for people with ADHD, ADD, autism, OCD, anxiety, high stress

    • 30 days warranty, send the product to us and you will quickly and easily be 100% refunded

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