Lower your Stress, Anxiety, and boredom, all at your finger tips! Smooth Rolling & Twisting Movement for Quiet & Discrete Fidgeting Silent Fidget Toy, so that you can fidget in School, Work, Meetings, Church, Libraries


100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


If you don't feel a little more relieved from your stress,anxiety,or boredom after playing with this toy. Let us know!


This colorful and fun fidget toy is something that will benefit many people. From people with autism, adhd, anxiety, or even stress – this fidget toy has the ability to focus and relax you with the simple movements and colorful bands.


Sitting at a desk on conference calls or sitting in a room full of people you don’t feel comfortable around, this unique fidget toy will help alleviate the anxiety and stress. Who knew two bicycle links, two rings, and four bands could provide so much to so many?


Our story is simple: we created something for ourselves that would help lower stress levels during phone calls, meetings, and every day issues that arise. After using it for a few days, coworkers began to get curious and asked for one. It quickly became a must have item in the office! We knew then that other people can benefit from them as well. The fidget toys are not only beneficial to those dealing with work related stress, but for those suffering from Autism, ADD, and ADHD. All fidgets are hand made from actual bike chains that have been cleaned and de-greased. Please note, since they are made of actual bike chains, the finish may include certain imperfections. All metal parts are stainless steel to prevent rusting.

Flippiii Chain

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