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This new fidget cube will help you stay calm and relieve stress anxiety, and increase focus , attention and awarness.


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The fidget pad has 8 options specialy designed to help you focus and stress less.

Especially helpfull for people with ADHD , ADD , Autism , OCD , anxiety , high stress  and for those who always need to keep their fingers busy!


The Fidget Pad is the ultimate fidget cube ! it will satisfy all of your fidgeting desires and keep you focused and stress free.


Fidget Pad Features:


Rocker - sort of a joystick allows multi directional movement, nice for focusing.
Breathe - continual use of the fingers and also the surface friction, will effectively relieve the pressure and worry.
Spin - searching for a spherical dial? do this.
Flip - A Classic Toggler
Roll - expertise the positive identification lock, solely got to flip these gears.
Click - There are four buttons on top of, the two is that the sound button, the two is that the mute button, right click thereon.
Shift - The toggle paddles, paddles can at once reset.
Massage - Massage your finger as long as you roll your finger on the massage roller.
Lanyard - Carry your Fidget Pad on a lanyard or keychain

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