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A discreet fidget toys


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Stress Management

Fidget toys for anxiety

It's one of many wonderful fidget toys for anxiety increases the peacefulness and helps with anxiety and stress.


And It's Compatibility

The Rolliii Fit On ALL

Regular-Sized Pencil And On Same Sized Pen

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Thomas Richard

"I have ADHD, and the Rolliii is the first fidget toy that truly helps me at school. 

I immediately saw the benefits. I was more aware and focused on what the teacher said.

Also, I was way less anxious, I even finally stopped biting my nails! my mom is really glad about that. 

It hasn't taken long that I saw an improvement in my grades! Everybody should have a Rolliii!"

- Written by: Thomas Richard and his mother

France Lafontaine

"I'm a teacher in a class for students with special needs.


I bought 5 Rolliii for my classroom. It's Wonderfull ever since.

I bought many products in the past, however, any have come close to help my students liked the Rolliii did. 


Simply by spinning it while writing it's helped them with their anxiety. I also realized an improvement in their focus.

In my opinion, this tool is perfect for school and it's a must-have! "

- Written by: France Lafontaine